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Analogy: a thing which is comparable to something else in significant respects

“Works of art were seen as an analogy for works of nature”

Analogy is the creative duo of Justyna Mysior and Nigel Tribbeck, who blend analogue photography and mixed media into captivating visual art.


Nigel's passion for photography developed during his childhood in Accra, Ghana and London, England. After honing his skills as a newspaper sports photographer, he opened his own studio. Ever experimenting and expanding his skills, Nigel has won over 20 prestigious awards, including Agfa Portrait Photographer of the Year and BIPP International Photographer of the Year. His mixed media work has earned critical acclaim for its inventive transformations using darkroom techniques. Nigel holds an MA in Photography from Brighton University and membership in the British Institute of Professional Photographers and the Royal Photographic Society.


Justyna’s creative spirit has blossomed since her youth in Poland. After graduating from the acclaimed University of the Arts London, she dove into London's vibrant art and fashion scenes. For over a decade, Justyna taught styling, art and creative direction at London College of Fashion while also pursuing her own ventures in fashion, interior design, and photography. Her passion lies in conceptual development and the symbolic interpretation of the world through movement, colour, and spatial arrangement. With a keen eye for unique details, Justyna identifies hidden connections between seemingly disparate things.


Together, Nigel and Justyna combine their diverse backgrounds and expertise to produce captivating and thought-provoking works of art. Their shared passion about pushing the boundaries of traditional photography and exploring new creative avenues, shapes Analogy’s one-of–kind aesthetic.

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