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Portrait Commission

We specialise in analogue photography, alternative techniques and mixed media art. All images are shot on film and processed using traditional analogue methods, giving the final work an authentic archival quality.

Browse the commission options and pricing below to find the perfect offer for your needs.  Should you have any questions as you review the details, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Black & White Photography

When you indicate your interest in having a portrait created by us, we will contact you to discuss the details. The online meeting will explain the process and allow you to decide if you would like to proceed, at no cost or obligation. If you decide to book a portrait session, you will be required to pay the photoshoot fees.

Session fee  - GBP 150/PLN 750 
A booking fee will be required once you have filled in the booking form and your request for the sitting. The session includes:

  • meeting (on-line/in person) to discuss the concept and details of the photoshoot

  • photoshoot - approximately 2 hours session, where 144 images will be taken

  • preparation of the proof images - the images will be uploaded for previewing and selection, images are not retouched at this stage. Images will be sent a week after the photoshoot

The selection process - once you received the images, you can select your favourite ones. At this stage you can book a meeting (on-line/in person) with us to discuss the selection, requirements etc. We have some packages listed below which are the most effective way of purchasing as we know you will be excited to see the images and selection can be difficult! However you can purchase outside of these packages or add additional requirements to them. All final images are fully retouched to a digital file and print.

Bronze Selection

GBP 150/PLN 750 
3x high resolution black & white images (digital file)
1x printed A3 size print
(Additional Images GBP 70/ PLN 350 ea.)

Silver Selection

GBP 250/ PLN 1250
5x high resolution black & white images (digital file)
1x printed A3 size print
(Additional Images GBP 60/ PLN 300 ea.)

Gold Selection

GBP 350/ PLN 1750
7x High resolution images black & white (digital file)
1x printed A3 size print
(Additional Images GBP 50/ PLN 250 ea.)

Dimond Selection

GBP 500/ PLN 2500
10x High resolution images Black & white (digital file)
1x printed A3 size print
(Additional Images GBP 40/ PLN 200 ea.)

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